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Social distancing

12 comments (Add new comment)
Posted 22nd Mar 2020 at 13:46
Hi Gareth, any chance that you might make more puzzles available for free from the daily puzzles while so many of us are on lockdown in our homes? Social distancing would be less boring if we had more puzzles!
Posted 22nd Mar 2020 at 20:55
gareth Administrator Daily subscriber
Hi bboa,
The idea had occurred to me, and I might well do that. I do need to make sure that paying subscribers don't lose out, however, so I considering posting one or two extra puzzles a day and making these free, during this period. If it happens, you'll see soon enough since there will be free puzzles everyday. :)


Posted 22nd Mar 2020 at 21:04
gareth Administrator Daily subscriber
Okay - I've implemented it. There will be 2 free puzzles every day, plus 4 further puzzles for daily subscribers.

Starting today.

Posted 22nd Mar 2020 at 22:10
Elisabeth Daily subscriber
Very generous, Gareth, thank you.
Posted 22nd Mar 2020 at 23:11
JoergWausW Daily subscriber
yes, good solution.
Another idea I had: offer a 3 months subscription for a fair price.

And how about a ban of Consecutive Sudokus while distancing is necessary... only non-consecutives... (sorry for being off-topic)

Posted 23rd Mar 2020 at 00:52
gareth Administrator Daily subscriber
I won't be changing the way subscriptions work unless I do so by rewriting the code entirely - for ages I've wanted to add the option of monthly billing. That would mean people could subscribe for shorter periods for less, if they didn't want a full year.

And yes, I guess I could rename the non-consecutive variant in the short-term to 'social distancing sudoku' as you suggest! But I won't.

Posted 23rd Mar 2020 at 02:10
Thank you very much, Gareth!
Posted 23rd Mar 2020 at 03:29
Gigfy44 Daily subscriber
Great job, Gareth, very nice of you to add extra puzzles. Thanks!
Posted 23rd Mar 2020 at 08:17
ziggymole Daily subscriber
Thank you Gareth xx

Stay safe and well

Posted 23rd Mar 2020 at 09:02
JoergWausW Daily subscriber
->rename the non-consecutive

That was not my suggestion. So thank you for not doing it.

Posted 23rd Mar 2020 at 09:53
kocos Daily subscriber
Well done Gareth, thank you!
Posted 23rd Mar 2020 at 11:38
catkinpuzzlemix Daily subscriber
Thank you!
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