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Trouble with loading puzzles

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Posted 10th Sep 2013 at 17:21
Last edited by gnothergnu 10th Sep 2013 at 17:22
Sometimes when I try to open a puzzle, it gets stuck at the "Please wait... loading puzzle" stage with no toolbar at the side and never loads properly. I can usually get it to load by closing the window and trying the link again, but today it seems to be taking a very large number of attempts! I'm using Chrome on Ubuntu, but the same problem seems to occur with Firefox.
Posted 11th Sep 2013 at 00:30
gareth Administrator Daily subscriber
The "please wait...loading" message goes away when the HTML has finished loading from the server, and the browser fires the 'page loaded' event. If it doesn't go away this means one of two things:
* The Javascript is failing for some reason, or
* The page hasn't actually loaded successfully

If the Javascript was a problem then the page would never load for you, not ever, so it must be slow to load for some reason. The toolbar loads at the end of the HTML file so it sounds like your connection is dropping while the page downloads for some reason.

Do you have any problems loading any of the other pages on the site? If you go to the sets page and click on 'add to cart' how long does it take to change to 'Remove from cart'? Is it instant or does it take a few seconds? (This will test the speed of your connection to the puzzlemix server)

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