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Comments and Results for 'Hanjie 648: Impish'

StateTypeTitleSizePlayedAvg timeRating (#users)YoursYour bestPublishedExpires
UnplayedHanjieHanjie 648: Impish30x3511945:01Moderate (61)Subscribers only10th Sep-
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Completed by88 users
Best time without any aid20:37 by suewhitter
Best time with show wrong
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5:07 by kuchka
Average solve time with no or minor aid46:55
Average solve time with no aid44:59
Average difficulty rating - all players5.5/10.0
Average difficulty rating - no aid6.2/10.0
Average difficulty rating - minor aid7.8/10.0
Average difficulty rating - major aid10.0/10.0
Average difficulty rating - show wrong or
multiple sessions
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Posted 13th Sep 2020 at 04:48
bergensbest Daily subscriber Rated puzzle: Hard Best completion time: 1:02:01 Time on first attempt: 1:56:49 Used 'show wrong moves' Used 'check puzzle' when incorrect
I enjoy these. I make mistakes. I can take a long time. But on this one I am absolutely stuck right at the beginning. I have some shaded squares in the middle 2 columns and some blank squares in the 5th and 6th rows from the top. Could I ask for a gentle nudge, please?
Posted 14th Sep 2020 at 18:44
Last edited by JoergWausW 14th Sep 2020 at 18:57
JoergWausW Daily subscriber Best completion time: 19:29 Time on first attempt: 1:05:53
I was stuck, too - someone said you can solve these puzzle on this page with single-line-logic only.
After a lot of time I started using the colour sets to figure out what can and can not be....

Tried again and figured out that I miscounted at one point. I had the crucial square marked in my first try. If you count correctly at that point (unlike me), everything will fall into place.

@bergensbest: I don't know how far you are, but the crucial square to figure out is at line 21, column 14

If needed, I can post a picture later - but not yet.

@gareth: at my second time (~18:37) the player showed me my new time compared to the first one, then changed that line to "cannot connect to server, try later" - I clicked it - got ("your time was 19:29, previous best: 19:29) - switching to that same error message - I could click it again a couple times before it didn't change back anymore...

Posted 14th Sep 2020 at 19:21
Last edited by gareth 14th Sep 2020 at 19:23
gareth Administrator Daily subscriber Has started but not yet finished this puzzle
Hi JoergWausW,

Starting at the end of your comment, I had that problem two days ago on my iPad too and wondered if anyone else had had it. It's weird - it never happened before, but then perhaps I never kept the completed window open long enough to spot it. There must be a bug in my javascript. Funny it wouldn't show up until now!

And that's true about the hanjie on puzzlemix - my testing software evaluates on a row-by-row (and column-by-column) basis and doesn't cross-reference anything. However, it can evaluate all possible fits for a row (up to a limit on more recent puzzles) which can occasionally mean it makes a deduction that's really hard for a human to spot, if it's a complex row with lots of possible fits. Particularly when there is a lone square that is forced by not just one run of shaded squares but all possible combinations of multiple runs on that row/column, that can be incredibly hard to spot on a large puzzle. (In such situations you're usually much better actually trying to cross-reference the rows and columns, even though it isn't strictly necessary)


Posted 14th Sep 2020 at 20:59
JoergWausW Daily subscriber Best completion time: 19:29 Time on first attempt: 1:05:53
@1) Usually I close those screens pretty quickly, too... on a Windows PC.

@2) "2D-Logic" only works well if you have big numbers in border-rows/-columns. That is not available in this puzzle, so I was down to guessing and see what contradictions appear...

Posted 15th Sep 2020 at 07:44
bergensbest Daily subscriber Rated puzzle: Hard Best completion time: 1:02:01 Time on first attempt: 1:56:49 Used 'show wrong moves' Used 'check puzzle' when incorrect
JoergWausW Thanks.I actually had that square but still couldn't see its significance!! Finished at last but can't remember where my 'aha' moment was. Thanks again.
Posted 15th Sep 2020 at 19:58
JoergWausW Daily subscriber Best completion time: 19:29 Time on first attempt: 1:05:53
I had that square not before 20 minutes..., and kind of knew that it was important (even took a screen copy (just in case) for this thread - time of screenshot tells me when I found it).
Then I counted wrong and thought: ok, not it. And searched forever for something else... then started guessing.
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