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Comments and Results for 'Hanjie 681: Proposal'

StateTypeTitleSizePlayedAvg timeRating (#users)YoursYour bestPublishedExpires
UnplayedHanjieHanjie 681: Proposal40x4013247:33Mild (64)Subscribers only10th Jan-
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Completed by98 users
Best time without any aid22:48 by mikeyc1223
Best time with show wrong
or multiple sessions
5:59 by kuchka
Average solve time with no or minor aid40:29
Average solve time with no aid41:26
Average difficulty rating - all players3.7/10.0
Average difficulty rating - no aid2.2/10.0
Average difficulty rating - minor aid5.5/10.0
Average difficulty rating - major aid3.3/10.0
Average difficulty rating - show wrong or
multiple sessions
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Posted 10th Jan 2021 at 00:23
elo15 Daily subscriber Has started but not yet finished this puzzle
Gareth - is there any way to print these larger Hanjies? My eyes can’t handle the 30 x 30’s let alone this 40 x 40!
Just hitting “print” doesn’t put it is a usable form. Thanks, Ellen
Posted 10th Jan 2021 at 07:32
Timewaster Daily subscriber Rated puzzle: Hard Completion time: 2:46:47
I agree - I love Hanje but the 40x40 are too tiny
Posted 10th Jan 2021 at 17:12
catkinpuzzlemix Daily subscriber Completion time: 44:35
Another vote re size
Posted 10th Jan 2021 at 17:31
Last edited by JoergWausW 10th Jan 2021 at 17:35
JoergWausW Daily subscriber Completion time: 24:04
I'd suggest taking a screenshot and print it, but you'd need a sufficient screen resolution -> 1024x768 seems to be the absolute minimum.

Another way that seems to work (not perfectly) - at least in my firefox-Browser with the London View

- right-click the puzzle and open it in a new tab instead of a popup window
- hide Padel (important step)
- wait for "resize window"-message to disappear (for looks - it doesn't help anything because the "hide panel" link is costing vertical space anyway)
- use the regular print function
- set to landscape (not portrait)

I don't have a working printer right now, but the pdf-print-preview shows a somewhat distorted b/w picture of everything you need to solve the puzzle (cells are not sqare - so if you hold the paper with the done puzzel a bit slantedly, you should see the proper result...).

Posted 11th Jan 2021 at 03:10
gareth Administrator Daily subscriber Has started but not yet finished this puzzle
The 40x40 hanjie are designed for solving on a desktop or laptop screen, or on a tablet with stylus or other input device. I absolutely accept they cannot be solved on a phone or small device. :)

On a desktop/laptop you can maximize the window to make it fill the screen, which I know not everyone always realizes.

Puzzlemix deliberately doesn't directly support printing, to avoid people solving puzzles then typing in the solutions and creating strange timing data, but when I reimplement the player I might review this.

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