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Comments and Results for 'Hitori 1152'

StateTypeTitleSizePlayedAvg timeRating (#users)YoursYour bestPublishedExpires
UnplayedHitoriHitori 115212x1210010:31Moderate (65)Subscribers only21st Jun-
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Completed by87 users
Best time without any aid5:17 by mikeyc1223
Best time with major aid1:43 by Anonymous
Average solve time with no or minor aid10:40
Average solve time with no aid10:23
Average difficulty rating - all players2.8/10.0
Average difficulty rating - no aid2.4/10.0
Average difficulty rating - minor aid5.5/10.0
Average difficulty rating - major aid2.5/10.0
Average difficulty rating - show wrong or
multiple sessions
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Posted 21st Jun 2022 at 06:38
winterer Daily subscriber Rated puzzle: Easy Completion time: 5:43
Lost a minute because the cat insisted on being fed...
Posted 21st Jun 2022 at 10:14
carlotes Daily subscriber Has started but not yet finished this puzzle
The cat has no consideration for the person who cares for him, protects him and feeds him!!!
Posted 21st Jun 2022 at 15:58
winterer Daily subscriber Rated puzzle: Easy Completion time: 5:43
The worst thing is: in the end, he ate nothing, deciding to prefer the mice that are available outside in summer
Posted 22nd Jun 2022 at 13:21
Penelope Daily subscriber Rated puzzle: Easy Completion time: 13:19
Winterer, You still did it in an impressively quick time.
Posted 22nd Jun 2022 at 14:01
JoergWausW Daily subscriber Completion time: 6:15
I have a slow internet connection, and sometimes that adds up to 10s to my solving time. More than once I ended up like 5s behind as second... very frustrating.
Posted 22nd Jun 2022 at 21:24
gareth Administrator Daily subscriber Rated puzzle: Easy Completion time: 1:43 Used 'auto remove' Used 'show invalid'
Ah, sorry JoergWausW - when I rewrite the players I will use a timer within the player. Originally I thought I would use the server time to prevent cheating, but I don't think anyone has ever tried to cheat (probably because there's nothing to gain by doing so!) so it turned out not to have been something I needed to worry about. You could cheat by creating two users and copying a solution anyway, if you really really wanted to.


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  • If a puzzle is opened more than once, including by loading from a saved position, then this is potentially a significant aid so it is listed as being completed with 'multiple sessions' for the purpose of the best time/average rating displays above.
  • Minor aid is defined as no more than one use of 'Check solution' when incomplete and/or no more than one use of 'Check solution' when wrong; and/or using highlighting aids (show repeated digits, show broken inequalities and show valid/invalid placements [slitherlink] only). Major aid is any and all other use of the solving aids except for 'show wrong'.

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